The sea, the sail and the lighthouse…

Imagine the sea, a lighthouse and a sail… on the horizon, the fiery red sun slowly sinks into the sea water, gilding the tops of the pines rustling in the wind, the aroma of pine needles, various grasses and blooming bushes of the Alpine rose spreads in the air. Fascinating picture, isn’t it?
Now, thanks to a new unique soap from the Italian brand Florinda, you have the opportunity to transfer this charming atmosphere of the Adriatic coast to your own bathroom.
Hand-made soap on a rope, which has the aroma of fir and Alpine rose is made with love and attention to every detail, its impressive volume and thoughtful shape make it a really profitable and economical alternative to shower gels. A special cotton rope allows you to conveniently hang soap in the bathroom without bulky soap dishes which accumulate water and get dirty with soap stains.