Freshness and professional care for every day

The brand of luxury Italian cosmetics ESSERE has prepared its special collection of refreshing products for you!

Shampoo with fragrant eucalyptus and hair balm with juicy mango and mint oil will protect your hair, suffering from long exposure to the sun, soothe the scalp, eliminate dryness and itching, help to cope with the adverse effects of marine or chlorinated water;

A shower gel with chamomile, arnica and eucalyptus oils will cool the sunburn, and a nourishing, extra-light body lotion based on mallow and witch hazel will accelerate regeneration, soothe the skin and make up for the lack of moisture and trace elements even in the deep layers of the epidermis;

And for the most delicate and sensitive skin of the face, eyelids and lips you can choose a refreshing and soothing micellar water based on organic herbal extracts and NMF (Natural Skin Moisturizing Factor).