Office drought

The heat has finally settled on the street, and the quarantine has mixed up all your vacation plans? Are you hiding from the stifling heat of the city under the air conditioners at home and in the office? Maybe you ran away to the country and rest your soul and body, caring for your favorite flower bed?

Air-conditioned indoor air, soap, skin antiseptics, work on garden beds, in the ground and caustic fertilizers, washing dishes and cleaning the house are primarily affecting the delicate skin of our hands.

Under the influence of adverse factors, it loses elasticity, it dries, cracks and flakes. Itchy burrs and even pigmented spots appear, and barrier creams on dense bases treat the symptoms, but not the cause of discomfort.

Thanks to a series of creams from La Florentina, the solution is found! Six fragrant, rich in natural extracts and enzymes formulas of Italian hand cream not only perfectly care for your hands, deeply nourishes and softens your skin, but also instantly absorbed, without interfering with your usual tasks. The rich aromas of flowers and fruits will cheer up your mood and turn the procedure of applying the cream into a small holiday.

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