Have you ever thought about how the heart of France smells? What do the severe and geometrically perfect gardens of the Champs Elysees smell like? The smell of dawn on the banks of the Seine? Great perfumers Jerome Di Marino, Philippe Bousseton and Jean Jacques thought about it and managed to find answers.
Morning Paris is misty, so fresh it is even chilling, sparkling with morning dew and evening Paris is honey-warm in the last rays of the sun. Paved paths that flow down to the majestic Palace of Versailles through fragrant, manicured gardens. Gothic, deliberately careless and gloomy Tuileries Park, which has a history so ancient that it is an air of mystery about it. Great perfumers managed to catch the special atmosphere of each of these places and moods.
Ballade and Iconic collections will introduce you to the real Paris; you will only have to choose a fragrance that is in tune with your mood!
However, among this historical beauty, among the variety of good classics, Agatha Paris has not forgotten about those who are the rightful heir to the historical heritage of France. Millennials collection – for those who are trendy, daring and dreamy.
If your Paris is a kaleidoscope of dynastic palaces and nightclubs, skyscrapers and ancient parks, sparkling in neon Eiffel tower, barefoot walking in the rain, then the Millennials collection is created for you.
For those who were lucky enough to be born at the turn of the century, for those who look forward to future!